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Corporate Services


Atty. Gilbert Aslor provides company formation and administration services in all major cities, as well as comprehensive advice and support to help businesses of all sizes successfully begin operations in markets.

As a business lawyer, we can help you in establishing business organizations in Makati, Pasay, Pasig, Quezon City, and other cities in Metro Manila, Philippines. Services include company start-up discussions, business registration, domestic incorporation, foreign-owned corporation, branch offices, and other business entities.

We also offer you with legal assistance that covers a wide variety of services to meet the needs and peculiarities of your business. Furthermore, we advise clients on whether the business entity you seek to establish qualifies for tax incentives such as income tax holidays or preferential tax rates by registering under PEZA, BOI, or other Special Economic Zones.


We can manage your regular and statutory filings and needs, as well as your much-needed corporate housekeeping.

Business Tax Advisory and Consulting
Registration and Setup of new business in Makati

Registration and Set-up of New Business Entities

Our Firm can assist you in the setting-up of your new business entities in the Philippines. Services include business start-up discussions, business registration, incorporation of a domestic corporation, foreign-owned corporations, branch offices, and other practical business entities in the Philippines.

Aside from the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) registration requirements for the set-up of new business entities, we can also assist you in your pre and post-SEC registration requirements such as the appointment of a Treasurer-in-Trust, registration with the BIR, registration with the local government unit, and the procurement of necessary licenses, registrations and permits.

Business consultancy Philippines

Business Consultancy and Special Projects

Our Firm can also provide you with legal assistance covering a wide range of services to accommodate your business’s varying demands and peculiarity.

Registration for Tax incentives Philippines

Registration for Tax Incentives

Our Firm can also advise you if the business entity you wish to set up is qualified to register under PEZA, BOI, or other Special Economic Zones to avail of tax incentives, such as income tax holiday or preferential tax rates.

Corporate housekeeping Makati

Corporate Housekeeping Services

Our Firm can also assist you if you need a corporate secretary. We can cater to your much-needed corporate housekeeping and handle your regular and statutory filings and requirements.


A corporate lawyer in the Philippines, plan transactions, create paperwork, negotiate contracts, attend meetings, and provide guidance to achieve the company's goals under Philippine Laws and Regulations. A corporate lawyer's job is to make official agreement terms that are clear, straightforward, and ensure not to give future problems for their client. 

A business lawyer provides legal counsel in practically every aspect of a business, giving their clients an edge when it comes to making decisions and forming opinions regarding items' legitimacy. Business lawyers can also help with things like establishing business strategies, forming partnerships, examining contracts, dealing with the authorities and third-parties that are looking to abuse the business.

When a company hires a corporate lawyer in the Philippines, the lawyer represents the company, not its shareholders or employees as stated under Philippine Law. This may be a difficult notion to grasp until you realize that a business is treated similarly to a person in the eyes of the law. A corporation is a legal body formed under state law with the primary aim of conducting business.

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Tax on Social Media Influencers

The Bureau of Internal Revenue recently issued Revenue Memorandum Circular No. 97-2021 (RMC 97-2021), clarifying the tax obligations of social media influencers in the Philippines. As defined in the said RMC, social media influencers (“influencer”) are

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