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It is critical to acquire the retainer services of a qualified legal team to protect their interests in a world where corporations and even individuals confront an ever-increasing number of legal challenges.


If you want that sense of security and a ready and competent lawyer to counsel on common tax and corporate issues affecting your business, our law firm offers a retainer-based service.

Oral and written consultations, the drafting and review of simple agreements needed in the usual course of business, and regular and timely updates of business regulations that may influence your firm are all included in retainer services.

Attorney GPA’s services are available in Makati, Pasay, Pasig, Quezon City and other cities in Metro Manila, Philippines, who would be open to you as needed in the usual course of your business or endeavor. Consultation and guidance, as well as the production of standard contracts and legal documents, rendering of opinions, and notarial services, are all covered by a Retainer Agreement.

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Legal Retainer

Should you wish to have that sense of security and have that ready and reliable lawyer to consult on routine tax and corporate problems affecting your business, our Firm offers said service on a retainer basis.

Retainer services include oral and written consultations, preparation and review of simple agreements needed in the ordinary course of your business, regular and timely updates of business laws that may affect your business.

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Other Services

  1. Contracts Preparation and Review;
  2. Preparation and processing of extrajudicial settlement of estate.
  3. Special Projects
  4. Notary Public.


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When contracting at an hourly rate, most attorneys, as well as several other professional service providers, will require an up-front payment known as a retainer. The retainer is deposited in the attorney's trust account and used to cover the attorney's legal fees and expenditures relating to the client's case; which works the same way as a retainer lawyer in the Philippines.

In most cases, yes, a business retainer lawyer is necessary to make the agreement work between a lawyer and a client. Additionally, a retainer isn't intended to cover the entire expense of a case. Rather, it is a deposit for a set number of hours of the lawyer's services as well as the costs of starting a case.

You may rest easy knowing that your legal counsel or representation fees are secured, and present  when you need it. This is especially crucial for business owners, who are always dealing with a variety of legal requirements imposed by various laws, ranging from employment and immigration rules to data protection legislation and tax issues.

Tax on Social Media Influencers

The Bureau of Internal Revenue recently issued Revenue Memorandum Circular No. 97-2021 (RMC 97-2021), clarifying the tax obligations of social media influencers in the Philippines. As defined in the said RMC, social media influencers (“influencer”) are

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