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Atty. GPA is a corporate and business tax lawyer and has extensive experience in handling various tax cases with the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR). His vast experience includes protesting tax assessments, dispute resolution, settlement and cancelation of Preliminary Assessment Notice (PAN) and Formal Assessment Notice (FAN), and administrative claim for refund.

He can also help you with your corporate needs from setting-up of business entities, business registration, and general corporate housekeeping.

Aside from being a lawyer, he is also a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). He can assist you in preparing, filing, or reviewing your monthly and quarterly BIR tax filings.

We handle your accounting, financial, and tax needs so you can focus on achieving your business objectives.

Allow our skilled team of accounting experts to assist you with expert tax statement preparation and filing, account maintenance, and treasury services in Makati, Pasay, Pasig, Quezon City and throughout Metro Manila, Philippines.

Handling of Tax Assessment by Gilbert Aslor

Handling of Tax Assessments

Our Firm can assist you in handling tax assessments. We can help you prepare for the BIR Tax Audit once you receive the Electronic Letter of Authority (eLOA) from the BIR. We also handle the review of the Notice of Discrepancy issued against you and represent you during the Discussion of Discrepancies (DOD) and in subsequent stages of the BIR tax audit. If necessary, we can file a protest letter and represent you once the PAN and Formal Letter of Demand/Formal Assessment Notice (FLD/FAN) issued by the BIR.

We also review Final Demand and Disputed Assessment (FDDA) and advise you on the courses of action to reduce the assessed amount in the FDDA.

Application for Tax Incentives in Pasay

Application for Tax Incentive

Our Firm can assist you in your application to avail of the tax incentives by registering your business to Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA), Board of Investments (BOI), Clark Development Authority (CDA), Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA), and other Special Economic Zones and incentives and exemptions from import duties and taxes. If you are not sure if you are eligible, we can help you determine eligibility to avail of tax incentives provided by special laws.

We can also review your legislative franchise and determine if you are maximizing your congressional franchise’s available tax incentives.

Request for Refund

Request for Refund

Service covers assistance in refunding unutilized input VAT arising from zero-rated sales and erroneously paid taxes to the BIR.

Our Firm can represent you in all stages of the proceeding. Starting from the document review, actual filing of the request for refund before the BIR, and the issuance of cash refund or tax credit certificate (TCC) once your refund is approved.

Transfer Taxes in Pasig

Transfer Tax Processing

Our Firm can help you secure electronic Certificate Authorizing Registration (eCAR) for your transfer of properties, such as settlement of estate, donation, and sales transactions.

Business Registration and review by Gilbert Aslor

Business Registration and Review

Our Firm can assist you in registering your business. We can help you in all stages, from initial registration with BIR to preparation or review of your monthly, quarterly, and annual tax returns.

We can also help you perform a due diligence tax audit to identify your business’s tax leaks and other risk areas.

Tax Clearance and Business closure performed by Gilbert Aslor

Tax Clearance and Business Closure

Tax monitoring and verification is the starting point if you want to cancel your BIR registration. Business closure is certainly avoidable, but if necessary, we can assist you in applying for business closure and cancellation of your BIR and other related registrations.

Statutory compliance and BIR filings performed by Gilbert Aslor

Statutory Compliance and BIR Filings

Our Firm can also help you review, prepare, and file your monthly, quarterly, or annual tax returns.

Request for Ruling and Tax Opinions Philippines

Request for Rulings and Tax Opinions

From time to time, there may be gray areas in the tax laws that cast doubt as to whether you are entitled to a particular tax incentive or tax exemptions.

Our Firm can help you eliminate some of your doubts by assisting you in filing your request for ruling and securing said tax ruling or confirmatory ruling over transactions with ambiguous or doubtful applications of tax laws.


A tax lawyer in the Philippines main responsibility is to stay on top of a wide range of tax-related concerns for the Philippine government, non-profit & for-profit corporations, as well as for individual people. They deal with the complex tax laws and regulations that a business must follow when it comes to tax-worthy goods like property, profits, and revenue.

A business tax lawyer assist their clients in navigating and complying with the complicated system of tax rules, as well as legally taking advantage of the numerous deductions, credits, and exemptions available to them. They also help clients with tax issues. Individuals and corporations benefit from the services of tax lawyers in private practice.

Having a tax lawyer means that you have expert assistance in preserving your assets and examining your business framework to ensure that it is legally tax effective in every possible way. A tax lawyer in the Philippines can also assist you in avoiding BIR penalties and interest in order to keep you out of legal problems.

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