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5 Reasons Why Your Business Need a Lawyer’s Services in the Philippines

Business Need a Lawyer's Services

While the legal business matters aren’t the priority of business owners, it doesn’t mean it is less important. A business cannot function fully and lawfully without the necessary licenses, registrations, contracts, tax documents, and other files. That is why it is crucial to hire a professional business lawyer to manage these tasks.


Early on, any business will probably require the services of two professionals: an accountant and a lawyer. The benefits of hiring an accountant are self-evident: you’ll need someone to crunch the figures, and handle your mandatory and statutory filings with various government agencies. On the other hand, the motive for employing a business lawyer is to handle all the legal matters, such as assistance in the establishment of your business and the necessary post-incorporation registration with your government agencies.


From fundamental local government compliance, guidance to formal business incorporation, and corporate secretarial, a qualified business lawyer can help you with practically every area of your business.


Fortunately, Atty. Gilbert P. Aslor, CPA, a corporate and business tax lawyer with extensive experience representing clients in a broad range of industries, will share his insights.


Here are 5 Reasons Why Your Business Need a Lawyer’s Services in the Philippines.

Organize Legal Processes

It might be time-consuming to go through the legal procedure of forming a business on your own. You have the option to utilize the Internet to guide you through the initial steps, but a single mistake could have a cascading effect that is difficult to undo.


It’s common to incur minor legal offenses when you don’t have somebody to counsel you, and that is why hiring a business lawyer is critical for any business.


While your accountant will create and prepare your business tax returns each year, a business lawyer should be familiar with how to register your business for tax identification numbers and the tax implications of the most basic commercial transactions that your business will engage in.


Hiring a business lawyer also allows you to negotiate the best conditions for your business. Investing in legal counsel before evaluating and negotiating agreements helps to avoid defective contracts that could lead to severe legal issues.


Consequently, the corporation is free of any responsibilities to the employee in question. Establishing an agreement that protects your organization is also useful for business partnerships, stock purchases and sales, and other similar situations. 

Tax Savings and Tax Optimization

One of the most important parts of finance is tax optimization which requires proper tax planning.


However, many people underestimate their tax liability and often are too late to plan for tax savings. Many people have difficulty determining their exact tax liability. As a result of these circumstances, the taxpayer is forced to pay needless taxes or forfeit tax benefits.


Tax optimization is about locating and recognizing the legal and organizational structure that allows a business to pay the least amount of tax necessary.


Tax planning is analyzing a business’s financial status and devising strategies for effectively incorporating taxation.


Fortunately, thanks to business lawyers, they can assist businesses and individuals in obtaining cash from outside sources, which can be difficult for small businesses in particular. 


Additionally, tax optimization might potentially lead to new revenue streams. The lower the average tax rate, the more money is available at the end of each fiscal year for reinvestment of profit.

Business Protection and Security

Business protection and security

It is no secret that having the appropriate attorney can bring an incredible amount of value to a company by guiding you to avoid legal issues that may arise. Having an attorney as soon as possible can help you avoid these thorny issues, help you make sound judgments that are legally equitable, and save you time and effort from unnecessary problems that may arise.


Your legal documents, contracts, licenses, and other relevant papers, essential to your business, will almost certainly be organized if you hire a professional lawyer or a corporate lawyer, thus reducing the risks of being sued by people or other entities. All of your bases will be covered, allowing you to concentrate on the aspects of your business that may be improved.


Additionally, business lawyers can provide you with legal advice to optimize the operation of your business and making sure that you are operating your business in accordance with the prevailing laws. A business lawyer can help you with negotiations, contract drafting, corporate secretarial, and advise you on legal complexities of certain business ventures.

Updates on Business Law and Assets

Updates on Business Law and Assets

Business lawyers provide legal counsel in practically every aspect of a business, giving their clients an advantage when making decisions and forming opinions regarding the legitimacy of things.


A business lawyer is responsible for the business’ compliance with the applicable rules and regulations that may affect your business’ operation. They are also the corporation’s first line of defense against complicated legal problems.


Business lawyers also specialize in formulating business strategies, such as tax optimization, establishment of legal entities, review contracts and its possible implications, and dealing with the authorities of the government that may conduct investigations into the company, such as a BIR tax audit.



In business, a connection is one of the most valuable resources for company objectives and career success. A good network can bring business leads, growth prospects, and personal development possibilities. If you want to advance your business and boost your chances of business advancement, you must understand the value of connections a business lawyer can recommend.


A business lawyer can help you organize a business to start and how to preserve detailed tax records. They assist you in navigating the complex employment procedure and drafting solid contracts. They also provide you with strong support throughout any conflicts or situations that may develop.


It is critical to get a professional business lawyer. As your company grows, it’s also beneficial to cultivate a good relationship with them, because it has the potential to be one of your most important assets.

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